Rave Reviews

Working with Randee as my coach was one of the best decisions I could have made. She has a faith-based approach to encourage, teach, and develop the clients with whom she works. Thinking out of the box is one of her many talents I appreciate most. With a heart of gold and and a business mind to match, Randee knows relationships are the key to success for any leader and she lays a firm foundation by forming a relationship with each person and builds from there. Anyone looking to make an investment in themselves would be wise to consider a coaching relationship with Randee. It is without hesitation I recommend her and call her friend. -Beth Buffington, Senior Business Specialist-The Scribbler’s Pen

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Randee Krumwiede in several capacities. We have been business partners, she has been a service provider for my non-profit organization and she has also been my personal coach. Via her organization Randee International and its various initiatives: Shall We Dance?, Coach for a Cause and Pink-Preneur we have also collaborated as facilitators in international conferences, radio workshops, and also as writers. A modern-day abolitionist Randee has a passion for living life with a cause and it shows in every single one of her business undertakings. She is gifted, detail-oriented, genuine, focused and treats her clients and her business with utmost respect and unique care. Partnering with Randee is a priceless personal growth experience. -Norka Blackman-Richards, President-4 Real Women Int’l

Coach Randee demonstrated an excellent work ethic in steering the publication of the collaborative work in which I contributed, Confessions of an Ugly Woman. She was caring and compassionate in working with contributors and was very personable. Coach Randee put in amazing work and effort in this collaborative work. -Celeste Kelley, Freelance Writer

I have had the opportunity to have Randee as a coach with great results. Randee is a compassionate coach who has a calling and a heart for women. She is results oriented and very focused. I would highly recommend her a coach and business partner. -Ebony Harris, Project Director-Mercer University

I had the pleasure and honor to have Randee as my coach. She held me accountable while showing a great deal of support. I found Randee to be trustworthy, personable and giving. With Randee as my coach I was able to accomplish my goals and our relationship continues to impact my life. I would recommend Randee. -Debra Sledge, Life Coach

Randee is a coach that cares about you, about bringing out what is special in you. Her passion for and proficiency in doing so is simply superlative. She touches your soul with her stroke of genius; intrinsic, intuitive observations and workshops. An outlook designed to help guide you into painting that masterpiece that is YOU as our God intended. She gives you and this work her all. -Charmaine Baker, Resource Coordinator-Police Athletic League

Randee is a laser focused coach who delivers results. Each session with Randee will pull more out of you than you assumed was there. She has a way of speaking your truth and helping you to face it without being judgmental or condescending. I have enjoyed being coached by Randee as it has changed my life immensely! -LaTara Ham-Ying, CEO-Integrated Concepts For Living

Every so often, I have the rare opportunity to observe a professional over the years, that compels me give them my highest recommendation. Randee Krumwiede is such a person. Her vision as a Christian coaches “coach,” and her ability to deliver sustainable results with her clients and fellow-coaches, is proven and quite frankly… inspiring. If you are serious about going to the “next level” in your personal, professional and spiritual development, make it your business to engage her for any of those purposes, at your earliest convenience! -Geary Morales, Principal-Innovative Success Solutions

Randee is a coach that is like no other. She is full of great wisdom, and passion for her client and their success. She puts in 110% of herself towards her clients, the causes dear to her heart, and spreading the importance of God being at the center of your business. I have attended quite a few of her coaching webinars and teleconferences, and I always leave with much knowledge, tools, and on fire for the next level I’m taking towards my business/ministry. -Rochelle Valasek, Speaker

I had several life coaching sessions with Randee, that were directed from a faith perspective. I felt that I gained so much insight and direction with her guidance. It was extremely valuable, and I look forward to being her client again soon. I’ve also worked as a collaborator on a book project, with Randee as visionary and leader. Randee’s gifts include being a natural, encouraging, and strong leader who guides others with patience, inspiration and wisdom. -Anne Goodrich, Graphic Designer-Goodrich Design

Randee is a person of insight and great character. She is able to bring things into perspective in a way that is real and motivating. As a coach and mentor she walks the talk and believes we all can have success in all areas of our lives. I have grown much as a person through working with her and value her as a coach but also as a friend. -Denise Fuller, Community Relations Advisor-A Place For Mom

I have had the pleasure of working with Randee on various projects of hers and am very impressed with the quality of her work and products she produces as a life coach. I don’t say that lightly either as I haven’t been impressed by too many other’s online Although I wasn’t a client of hers, I benefited a great deal from her life coaching skills just by being involved with her projects and highly recommend her. -Lori Arriaga, Small Business Web Consultant