Work With Me

RandeeBefore you hire me as your coach, we need to explore a couple of questions:

1) Are you my ideal client?

2) Am I your ideal coach? 

And, we can begin this conversation in two ways. First, please take a moment to read my answers to these questions below to determine if we’re likely to be a good fit. And, please do not take my attempt to talk you out of working with me as a sign that I do not want to work with you. I am merely asking us both to *count the cost* before we make the commitment to invest in one another. I take my work very seriously. I also take your work very seriously. So, let’s be diligent before we move forward.

Second, if are so inclined, please reach out to me at to schedule a complementary coaching call. Here’s how it works: I will ask you a series of questions and you will answer. We’ll have an intimate dialogue about where you are now and where you want to be. We’ll discuss if you’re willing to *live in the tension* between these two places as we move from Point A to Point B. Then, we will conclude as we determine whether you will be best served through one of the structured programs I offer OR if you prefer to *create your own* coaching calls with a specific agenda and certain outcomes in mind. Of course, you have option to walk away if you determine that I am not your ideal coach.

Here is my promise to you: I will not push, prod or persuade you to invest with me as your coach.

If, after an hour or so of conversation with me, you are not convinced that I am the right coach for you then you’re probably right. I will not be offended. I will release you and bid you blessings as you seek the perfect fit. Sound good? So, let’s move onto the questions.

Are you my ideal client? 

I tend to work best with individuals, businesses, and organizations who are cause-related. Now, this can obviously show up in many different ways but I primarily work with *mission-minded messengers* who are often writers, speakers, coaches, consultants, and campaigners. Basically, you are my ideal client if you have a message that is more than a message. It has become a moral imperative and you’re willing to do whatever it takes, within the perimeters of total integrity, to get it to the masses. I also tend to work best with those who put their money where there mouth is. And, I am not merely referring to your investment with me. But, a willingness to explore how the products and programs that you create in relation to your message while working with me can be connected to a cause outside of your own pocket book. I will help you create income through very specific income-producing activities but I am convinced that it is better to give than to receive. And, I prefer to work with those who share this conviction. I also require 100% commitment from you and I will hold you accountable so I expect you to say what you mean and mean what you say; though I do recognize that a fair amount of our work together will be sifting and sorting through this very thing. So, I operate from a place of grace, grace, and more grace.

Am I your ideal coach? 

I tend to communicate very directly with my clients. I’m gentle but firm. I will challenge you when you did not do the thing you said you would do. There are many people who reach out for accountability in their lives but who actually resist the very thing for which they are asking. This is not you. You have hired me to help you get from Point A to Point B and you are committed. You choose to take the road less traveled. I am also committed to doing life and business by the Book; by this I mean the Bible. First and foremost, I am committed to Christ without compromise. While I do not *preach* on my coaching calls, I coach Biblically-based principles. If this is offensive to you then I am not the ideal coach for you. Your decision to work with me is an investment of your time, talent, and treasure. And, I am a firm believer that people who invest in themselves…invest in themselves. In other words, you will put more into your process when it *costs* you. I charge $500 per month for 4 private coaching calls per month. Our coaching calls are one hour in duration and they preferably take place on the same day at the same time very week. I typically request a minimum 90-day commitment to work with me. While there are exceptions, I’ve found that life and business typically gets done in quarterly increments; just like the seasons.

So, if you are ready to connect then so am I. Reach out to to schedule your complementary coaching call or use my contact page.

Blessings, Randee

P.S. You may want to explore some of the coaching curriculum I have developed (or co-developed) to give you an idea of what I offer. However, please keep in mind that you are not limited to these options. We’ll discuss this more on your complementary coaching call. Talk soon!